Thursday, July 24, 2014

Painting over wood paneling


I know some people say you should never paint wood paneling, but I disagree! If you have seen our house tour then you know our house came straight out of the 70's: wood paneling, wallpaper, nasty linoleum, orange countertops, the whole shebang! Now, I'm sorry to any seventies children that might be reading this but orange countertops and wood paneling, not really my thing!

After consulting numerous of my favorite DIY blogs I decided that I would attempt to paint the paneling before going with the more costly option of ripping it out and putting drywall up. 

Many people recommend you sand the walls down prior to painting them. At minimum you need to wash them really well... I did neither. My walls weren't dirty and they are 45 years old so they aren't so glossy anymore! I did buy a really good primer and prime the walls first as well as filling in any holes and remove nails!

I much prefer the white walls personally, it really brightens up the space and makes it look more modern and less dingy! I'm debating on what to do about the fireplace and what colors to paint the doors though. I'm thinking of doing black interior doors to provide contrast like I've seen in these blogs: southernhospitalityhouserevivalschapterthirtysevengourleygirlandguy

The fun side of me loves the chapterthirtyseven blogs different color doors but I'm way to ocd for that!

I'm debating between black doors or white... especially since all our doors are plain except two! Vote below in comments! 

For any of you with wood paneling or looking at a house with it, paint really can make a huge difference!