Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rabbit Rolls and Natural Chew Toys


I currently have 4 adult(ish) rabbits and 8 kits. Even though we are raising the rabbits for food I still want to provide a good life for them, and I still care about their well being. There are hundreds of things for sale for rabbits on the market, or any kept animal really. For me and my rabbits free is sometimes best though!

When I first got rabbits I had read they need something to chew on to keep their teeth managed. I started looking and found some options. If you go to petco you can easily find different chew toys and most can be found FREE in nature! 

When reading I heard of people giving the cardboard roll that toilet paper comes on to their rabbits as a toy. Mine had lots of fun with it at first, but now have gotten bored of it. To change it up I started stuffing it with greens hence the "rabbit rolls".

I don't give my rabbits tree branches yet, I need to find my clippers and I will give them some plum tree branch sections. I do like to give them pine cones though! You can buy Pine Cones in stores but I just find them in nature and bring them back. Where I live now I just take our dog Shadow for a stroll filling his backpack up with pine cones during our walk! Two of our rabbits love these, the other two haven't had them yet!

Do you have a special toy or chew for your rabbit? Sound off below in comments, and if its free I'll add it to the list =)