Sunday, June 15, 2014

Losing Kits =/


As anyone who raises animals knows, they don't all make it. I remembered the best aspects of growing up on a farm for a year, but I was shielded from the worst. Animals die, and not just because we decide its their time or we want to eat them.

Cinnamon (pictured above) gave birth to 8 or 9 healthy kits. They all made it to three weeks old and then started dropping. We switched their cage, still more died, we took the remaining three away in case she was killing them and I found a dead one today. We have 2 left and they all made it passed the initial "kill stage", I don't understand.

We woke up and went to care for the rabbits only to discover our favorite kits had passed away sometime during the night.

It is heartbreaking. Even though we are raising these as meat rabbits we had intended on selling or keeping a couple. I'm not trying to discourage anyone but this is where we are at right now... I'm feeling really discouraged and I'm debating selling out of all my rabbits, new kits, and cages.