Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Towards the Finish Line: Closing on our first home!


Growing up my family moved around a LOT, we sometimes moved more than once a year and the longest I lived anywhere was under three years. I never wanted that for my children, I want to raise my kids in a stable environment. I have also been a huge fan of HGTV and DIY for years. I can't wait to improve our house and do it myself!

Anyways here is our house

The car and the boat are not included =)
I have the final walkthru in two days and then we close on the house in four. In just five short days this will be home sweet home!
Our inspection on this house came back good, there are a few minor repairs and a couple medium sized ones. The house needs some remodeling, but I'm up for it! The kitchen needs completely updated! The inside of this house is still stuck in the 1970's, hence why I'm only posting exterior pictures right now.
As I remodel and do DIY projects I will post before and afters!

The house is 1523 sq. ft. on top of that the house also has a garage and a sunroom (pictured below).

Look forward to some DIY posts in the future as a tackle a bunch of remodel projects!