Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dog Detects Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer is a delicate subject, no one wants to have breast cancer and the idea that you might have it is scary. There is a new story on yahoo shine about a puppy that alerted a women to a lump in her breast that turned out to be breast cancer only 6 months after she had been to the doctor for a breast checkup!

The story is one of those that is heartwarming, in that the women didn't actually want the dog, it was her husbands idea. They brought the dog a miniture home as a tiny puppy and it was sniffing at her chest then she felt the bump.

For me the story is more than a heartwarming story about mans best friend, its scary... see my dog frequently likes to put his nose down my shirt... I thought he was just being a pervert ;) but this story is more than heartwarming its terrifying for all of us dog owners whose dogs do pay more attention than they should to our chests.

Is your dog sharing your cancer with you or just a pervert like his daddy ;) sound off!