Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Walgreens Wednesday


I'm back! I started a WordPress account and honestly was not a fan, I didn't even get ONE view... I know it takes a while to build up a following but if no one is even seeing the blog then it isn't going to get a following, not sure why other bloggers recommend/hype on it!

Anyway the reason for the hiatus was just that I haven't had a lot of baby free time to blog, but I am back and hopefully I will be able to do at LEAST one new entry a week. I'm also considering vlogging, in addition to blog. I know that is kind of the thing now, although I still love blogs because I'm a fast reader and it is just way more efficient for me time wise to read a blog than watch a 11 minute vlog on the same thing... anyway share your thoughts on that in the comments.

So, Walgreens Wednesday!

When I was newly adulting Walgreens was one of my favorite places to shop. They always have clearance there and sometimes it is a great price, they also have walgreens rewards, ecoupons, and walgreens register rewards!

Walgreens ads come out every wednesday and are always worth a quick sneak peak because sometimes they have items that are free with a ecoupon or very cheap!

Here is my last Walgreens Haul, from the week after Valentine's Day:
There is also another Dr. Pepper that is not pictured. My total for everything was right around $8 with tax for everything
Dr. Pepper 2/$3
SoftSoap .99 after ecoupon
Colgate Optic White FREE after ecoupon
Russel Stover $2.50 (Half off)
Colgate Floss Tip $3.49, .49 after the $3 in RR

I have debated signing my husband up for a Walgreens card to double my/our savings. I also have $3 in balance rewards at the moment which is free money!

If you buy the sunday paper and clip coupons you can find many good deals there just by popping in regularly. I saw some mens body wash reduced from $4.57 to $1.80, and while bar soap is cheaper that is a good price for this brand/type! They also do clearance on food items, I recently got some Lean Cuisine type meals that usually cost $3.79 each for .99 each for my mom and was able to use $3 in balance rewards getting some of them free!

Shop Walgreens Ya'll!