Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Saving money by shopping Ebay


This is a post I probably should have made much earlier to save ya'll money, but with the pregnancy and now a newborn it isn't something I really thought much about until today. About a month ago when I was doing my Christmas shopping I was dismayed by the cost of some items on wishlists. I wanted to purchase what this person wanted, but the price was a little high... in comes Ebay.

The product I'm referring to above, a perfume, was $89 on amazon and similarly priced at other online department store retailers; I paid under $40 for it and given the numerous reviews of the seller I'm comfortable with gifting it believing it will be an authentic item. Other than the perfume there are other things I've bought on ebay for massive savings:
Snap Jewelry- No, I didn't get the brand name "Ginger Snaps", but I did get
around 20 pieces, snaps and settings, for around $20. Ginger Snaps start out at $7 just for the snaps, the settings are over $20 EACH.
Jewelry- Other than Snap Jewelry I bought 3 really cute grandma/mimi necklaces for my baby's grandmas. I saw these in a store for $15/each, I paid $0.75/each!
Handmade Burp Cloths- I paid $2.50/each and bought from thepinkpolkadot2015. I just purchased 3 of these, and I'm expecting them in the next week. The price isn't bad, when you compare the price and quality to store bought. The price was also lower than I could find on Etsy, the marketplace of the homemade.
Cloth Diapers- I got 12 Kawaii goodnights with inserts for just under $70. Normally these diapers are $12/each, I paid just under $6 effectively getting 1/2 of them free.

My total savings on those things listed here is right around $300! It is worth price checking on ebay. Most of the things in the stores are made in China, by buying directly from the source via ebay you can save some serious money... but you do have to wait for shipping.