Thursday, December 24, 2015

After Christmas Shopping


Merry Christmas Eve Everyone,
This year we aren't doing all that much for the holidays since we have a newborn. Next year when our little girl is one we want to do more things with her to celebrate the holidays, which for us means buying more things (decorations, books, dvds, toys, apparel).

We have some decorations right now, but we do want to pick up more. We have NO outside decorations, no wreath, etc. We need a new Christmas tree, ours isn't big enough for all of our ornaments and is shorter than my husband would like.

Since I know we want more Christmas stuff for next year I'm planning on going shopping the day after Christmas this year. This is HUGE for me, since it will be my first time leaving my 3 week old for more than ten minutes. I've gone grocery shopping where my husband stayed in the car with our sleeping infant, but I've never been more than a few minutes away from her... so this will be a first!

In about another hour it will be Christmas, which I'm hoping means the sales ads will be released. The ad I'm most interested in is Kroger's ad, because we need groceries! Other than groceries I am making a mental (and physical) list of items I think will be discounted and I may pickup, depending on prices.

What to buy the day after Christmas:
Apparel- Winter apparel and especially holiday related will be discounted
Wrapping Paper
Gift Bags
Christmas Trees
Holiday Music
Holiday Dvd's
Holiday Books
Gift Sets (make up, hygiene, perfume, foods)
Holiday scented items

I'm not sure if I'm leaving anything off but I'm about to start my list of items I'm HOPING to pickup at a discount tomorrow. In another hour it will be Christmas, and I'm hoping the ads will be released!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

AND... Turns out After Christmas shopping was NOT worth it. The day after the discounts were 30-50% off and they still remained there on the 31st. I was expecting 70-90% but no luck.