Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Resolution


Sitting on my blog page and thinking about how long its been since I have posted and how much has changed I realized what time of the year it is. We are wrapping up one year and headed for the new year. It's a time of hope, and yet every new day, week, or month could have the same significance. Our lives can change overnight. In nine months we can create a new life!

Despite the fact that I don't completely see why the new year bears so much more significance than any other time period I can say I am absolutely excited for the new year. Its a great time to restart, a clean slate, another chance.

This year I'm not making any New Years Resolutions. I'm looking forward to the New Year with hope and excitement because of all the things I plan to do in it. Life is constantly changing, and as people so do we. Next year will hopefully be the year my husband and I buy our first house, conceive our first child, the year my husband starts college and the year I graduate with my associates degree! There really is so much to look forward to!

What about you? Are you making New Years Resolutions? Do you ever keep them? Sound off in comments, thanks for reading =)