Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Cleaning


Christmas seems to be the time when we all think about being charitable. Whether its due to some "Christmas Spirit", or the charities that are in full gear around the holidays who can say. Many of us over extend ourselves at Christmas buying gifts for those we know and love. I can't begin to guess how many gifts my mom bought this year!!

Yahoo Shine is one of my favorite online haunts and I found a couple interesting blogs on their recently, one was about a present free birthday party and the newest one was a present free Christmas. I, personally, reject the idea completely. I would feel sorry for a child who didn't get any presents for their birthday or Christmas, after all aren't their charities who operate to give gifts to children who otherwise wouldn't get any? (There are, my mom has participated for a few years now in gifting to them).

Anyway on to my topic: Christmas Cleaning

In my online readings I came across two people mentioning a similar idea: pre-Christmas cleaning/donations. One said that they tell their children they need to get old toys together so Santa's elves can recycle them and make new toys (wonder if these people are eco friendly?), the other mentioned having their children gather up unused toys and clothes to donate to children in need. This action encourages their children to be charitable, and makes room for their new presents. For the children who receive the gifts, used or not, I'm sure many of them are happy. Libraries, Daycares, Churches, etc would also generally be happy for gifted toys and books!