Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why more people don't jump on the eco friendly train, is it the smell?

So I was out today shopping and I went to a spa for a facial. Well I was there I was considering whether I thought there might be an eco friendly spa in the area or even an eco friendly facial option. I have heard there are new eco hair dye options... I don't dye my hair though so I haven't checked if their are any options in my area.

What I was looking for after my trip to the spa was an eco friendly exfoliater since the lady at the spa suggested to me that for my skin I should exfoliate twice or three times a week. I usually shop at Walgreens and Kroger... I haven't really been thrilled by the eco friendly options the stores in my area carry! Since moving to a new smaller city I have noticed that my choices are SEVERELY limited!

I went into one store and I bought a reusable bag and I was talking to the cashier and she mentioned that her daughter has been getting onto them about recycling, being eco friendly and eating more healthy! We were discussing why more people don't and the point was made that many just don't know or don't think about it. I found another reason why being eco friendly can be unappealing to some, when they aren't finding the right options! The smell!!

When I was shopping today I was thrilled to see some new organic options in a Kmart near the spa I went to... I was not thrilled however by the smell! Each of the products I looked at looked great on the label but as soon as I opened the jar to smell it I was immediately off put. I have already tried Tom of Maine's deodorant and lets just say I smell worse when I use it!
 The Greenscape organic line I feel would be the same, at least from what I smelled of the body scrubs... which wasn't at all pleasant.  I do however want to say that there are MANY eco friendly/organic products that don't stink! So of course smell the product before buying it if possible, but if your buying online just check the reviews! If you go to amazon you will see a reviewer called one of the items in this line stinky, and they weren't joking! It seems like it will be a great eco friendly product once they get the smell right!