Friday, June 28, 2013

GUD Vanilla Flame Body Wash by Burt's Bees Review


Surprisingly my older sister jumped on the eco friendly train prior to me. While I've always cared about the environment her care for her children prompted her to make wiser choices on her household items. When I was looking for eco friendly lines that stores near me might carry I decided to ask her what she used. She suggested burts bees and I have to say I was definitely pleased with the body wash!

GUD by burts bees has no petrochemicals, parabens, or phthalates, it is also NOT tested on animals! Burts Bees' company takes pride in being eco friendly. According to their web page not one piece of trash is EVER sent to the landfill! They recycle everything, and anything that can't be recycled is turned into fuel or electricity. Burts Bees also uses a reverse osmosis system in order to reuse thousands of gallons, and has switched to more eco friendly and energy conservative options that has allowed them to use 21% less energy  in 2012 than in 2011.

In addition to reducing waste from manufacturing and operating Burts Bees is also striving to cut excess packaging on their products, having reduced some of their packaging by up to 50%. Beyond reducing packaging Burts Bees also tries to be more sustainable by creating their product packaging from recycled materials, their bottles average 78% PCR content (post-consumer recycled) and their primary packages are around 39%. Everyday household products normally average around 25-35% PCR.

I have to say that I am very pleased by Burts Bees company. While their products are not the cheapest on the market they are made by a responsible sustainable environmentally conscious company! They also have a wide range of products for personal care, that smell great and are more healthy for your skin!

Now on to a review of the particular product at hand: GUD Body Wash, Vanilla Flame scented

I just used this product for the first time last night. My normal body wash is Softsoap, they have a variety of great smelling body wash with beads which are great for exfoliating... however the Softsoap company isn't really one that is known to be eco friendly nor is the line itself. While they claim on the website the body wash is made using safe, effective ingredients however the ingredients aren't explained!

The Body Wash smelled GREAT, and while it didn't have beads like I'm used to and prefer that was something I knew before purchasing this 10 oz bottle for around $5 on sale. I can't wait to try more of Burts Bees line and the GUD line along with the other scents!