Thursday, November 14, 2013

What is your dog worth?


IMG_0559.jpgWhat is he worth? He is half wolf, so that raises the value correct? What about his coloring though? What about his size?

I always find it appalling how we place value on animals. What makes one animal worth more than another? It isn't training, or some special attribute or skill, it is almost always looks or size! Teacups are worth a lot because they are so small, purebreeds are worth a lot because they are "pure".

Is how we value animals not how we once placed value upon people? By looks? Black dogs are put down more than any other color, simply for their looks. African Americans similarly were discriminated against for their appearance. Are we so shallow to discriminate against animals based on appearance?

I think its sad when I look at animal classifieds and see what people think animals are worth. I think animals should be worth the same amount universally, unless they come with training and then I can understand paying extra for the training. In some ways its sad that animals have a value at all, they are alive and we feel the right to own them!

Shadow and Nina aren't our property, they are our companions. Our dogs are part of our family, yes I discipline and train them but I also spoil them and they are happy. I don't see how people view them as disposable, and I don't see how people can assign arbitrary values based on shallow characteristics.

Shadow is over a year old. Shadow is half wolf. Shadow chews on my lipgloss tubes, eats my candy bars wrapper and all, eats my underwear especially the expensive ones I have only gotten to wear once, will take things out of the trash, STILL has accidents inside, and has ruined 5 blinds. Shadow also jumps the fence if I don't take him out on a leash in the FENCED in yard, and will pull really hard if we don't use a prong collar when walking him. Shadow has severe seperation anxiety and destroyed an entire bathroom ripping up the flooring and scratching up the doorframe. He used to bark non stop when we left, and even a bark collar didn't deter him. Shadow has ripped up carpet around the door within the last six months. Shadow has an allergic reaction to cheaper foods (which we wouldn't have been giving him anyway if we realized how bad it was, we didn't know not to buy ANY brands available in a regular grocery store), so we have to buy him more expensive foods.

With all of his problems do you know what? Shadow is also a very loyal loving dog, he would hurt a fly and a spider but he has NEVER displayed any aggression towards a person or another animal. He loves to play and he thinks he is a lap dog. He forgives us for losing our patience with him (you would lose your patience too!), and he loves sharing your food. Shadow does tricks for a good boy, no treats needed!

Shadow is worth every penny we spend on him every month. I can't imagine trying to sell him, or breed him. Any loyal loving dog like him is priceless! How can you put a value on such a pure innocent forgiving loving animal?

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